[Download] The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Template
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All companies today have felt the impact of the societal and economic shift towards digital business. Mobile app development and product quality have become so consequential in recent years that mobile business has set exceedingly high standards for how people relate, transact, and have conversations with businesses. With that said, mobile app development needs to follow an iterative development model to be lucrative.


Today’s most successful mobile apps all began as less complex versions of the feature-dense products they are now. In most cases, massive mobile app brands follow the minimum viable product (MVP) development process to add user value and build functionality over time based on user testing data and feedback. 


Building an MVP is an iterative process designed to identify user pain points and determine the proper functionality to address those needs over time. An MVP provides quick market entry and a foundational user experience that allows companies to learn how users react to the app’s core purpose and with this insight, appropriately allocate time, effort, and budget to areas that best support high-priority business objectives.


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The team at Clearbridge Mobile created an MVP Template that explains the steps involved in determining what a viable first version of your mobile product entails. Each step is explained in detail with an editable template that allows you to create your own plan for an MVP. 

The MVP template includes: 

  • A walkthrough outlining how to identify and document business needs from the product, including long-term goals 
  • Guides to identify product opportunities and determine how you can most effectively add value and solve customer pain points
  • A section to breakdown the features to include in the product roadmap and create feature statements 
  • A prioritization matrix to help you prioritize features


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