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Why You Need to Create User Personas For Your App

What Are User Personas?

After research has been conducted on a specific set of users, it’s turned into a profile or user persona that imitates a real customer. Essentially, a persona is personified data derived from user behaviors, attitudes, pain points, and their needs and wants in a particular product. Rather than tailoring an app to meet the needs of a generic group of people, a persona is designed with a specific group of users in mind.


Personas illustrate the goals and behaviors of users while market segments examine patterns in demographics such as age, location, sex, salary, and so on. Both are equally important however, personas offer a lot of added benefits during the development process.

1. Promote User-Focused Outcomes

Often, an app can morph into the desires of the designer rather than the user. To avoid this, the development process must center around a user-focused goal; all actions must be made with the user in mind. For this to occur, the designers must adopt the perspective of the end user to design an app that resonates with its users. Personas should be used throughout the development process and not as merely one phase. Reinforcing the user persona throughout the entire process will ensure that the entire team remains focused on their main goal. Without doing this, the outcome of the final app may not fulfill the users’ wants.

2. Establishes Consensus During Development

Raw data is often difficult to interpret however, a persona encapsulates the research and communicates the trends to others in a way that they can understand and visualize. In a development team, there are usually people with varying skills and expertise that could potentially cause a difference of opinions. A user persona is an excellent tool to avoid confusion and miscommunications throughout the development process. The persona communicates ideas and concepts with the development team, stakeholders, and users. Effectively, it ensures that everyone is on the same page and understands who the target audience is.

3. Validates All Decisions

An app idea is established, but is it really what the user wants and needs? While it’s important to figure out who the app will target, it’s more important to understand what the user specifically desires. Without validation, the end product won’t deliver exactly what the end user needs and will ultimately be a waste of time. All decisions and actions that are made during the development process should have a user-focused reasoning. If the development process begins to stray from focusing on meeting the users’ needs, the app will most likely fail.


User personas are valuable for everyone during the development process in order to increase the quality and efficiency of their work. A persona increases product quality because it directly addresses the end users pain points and fixes problems that they currently experience. Understanding and meeting a specific groups of users’ needs will ensure that the app is a success. Narrowing in on a specific set of users will yield higher download rates and more importantly, it will maintain the engagement of the users.

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Britt Armour

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